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Jan 3, 2023

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2023 Brand photography and video Retainers now open for booking for women entrepreneurs and women business owners

My annual Retainers for brand photography and video are now open for booking! I launch this program every year in January, when we’re most motivated and action-oriented.

It’s the time of year we often look at mapping out our priorities and focus for the next few months. We can also be looking at long-term future plans as well, but I’m a fan of planning at least 1 quarter at a time.

What you have to offer the world is unique, and it is SO needed. Marketing is so important these days to get the word out about your brand and communicate your value. Retainers for brand photography and video can be a huge boost for your marketing efforts, and make it easier and faster to tackle.

My Retainer clients are the BEST because the program involves both of us committing to an annual plan. We work together on an ongoing annual basis to cover all your brand and marketing photography needs, and NEW this year, brand video, too!

Benefits of annual Retainers for Brand Photography + Video:

  • A set number of hours of photo + video coverage annually – the time is yours to use as you choose throughout the course of the calendar year; often clients use 2 hours at a time a couple times per year to capture different locations or seasons (or you can book a 4-hour or 6-hour Retainer, depending on your needs – let’s talk more to decide which is right for you!)
  • Priority/VIP scheduling – get on our studio calendar within a 2-4 weeks, as opposed to our standard brand session clients that typically require 6-8+ weeks for onboarding and scheduling
  • Planning meetings – we have a strategy meeting prior to your session(s) to plan out everything together from outfits to props to shot list; you’re never alone to make all the decisions, I’ll come right alongside you to make this part easier!
  • Professional image + video editing – final touches on your images and video so it all looks cohesive, on-brand, and up-leveled to present you and your business as the professional you are

Deliverables (aka what you get):

  • Video ‘shorts’ – 10-15 second clips for social or anywhere you do your marketing
  • Digital image files – 40-45 images per hour of photo coverage
  • Image licensing and usage rights – commercial usage and licensing comes standard with our coverage and Retainer spots; no additional costs or surprise fees for using your images and video wherever you choose

For more details and testimonials, you can visit my Retainers page with more info or schedule a free call with me!

If you’re interested in talking with me personally or thinking this might be for you, I’d love to have a call and find out more about your brand and your business.

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You deserve more support this year (and always)

If you’re short on time, and really want to get moving on your marketing, contact me today. I want nothing more than to support your business and simplify your marketing. You deserve to get more of your time back to do what you love (and create more personal space and boundaries in your life).

Let’s dive in together, professionalize your brand, and make marketing SO much easier for you.

We all know our brands and businesses are our babies, and we pour our time and heart into them. This year doesn’t have to be as much of a struggle – let’s start 2023 off right by working on your marketing together!

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website portfolio page of My Brand Photographer, case study of brand photography and video clients

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