Brand Session: Kiley Peters – Coach, Podcaster, and Speaker

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Nov 22, 2022

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I loved doing brand photos for coach, podcaster, and speaker, Kiley Peters! She owns and operates Rayne IX, where she coaches women of all ages and backgrounds through entrepreneurship.

For a multi-passionate entrepreneur like Kiley, it’s important to get a variety of images. She does so many different things within her businesses, and we want to get a feel for that range in her images. Kiley needs photos for things like ads, sales pages, funnels, email newsletters, and of course, social media and her website. We got a great variety within her brand photo session for a coach and speaker.

Brand Photos for a Coach, Podcaster, and Speaker

Kiley and her team were fantastic to work with! We started and did some solo photos of Kiley throughout the session because she has multiple businesses. Not only is she a coach for other entrepreneurs, but she’s also a podcaster and speaker. We knew we wanted to capture all of these different elements of her professional life, all within the same session.

Her team was onsite the whole time as well, helping style props as well and being in photos. We made sure during our final Planning Call to coordinate their outfits so that they’d look great together. They were all a joy to work with! Each different setup and shot we did within the location was really intentional, and we had a gorgeous downtown location. The best part was the buildings and the energy of the city in the background. It makes me smile every time I see these photos and notice that detail!

Thanks so much, Kiley and team, for having me along to document your awesome team and story. I loved our time together, and all the photos we got as a result!

coach and podcaster brand photos, kiley peter of rayne ix
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