woman walking in photo studio living room with movement motion blur

Laura reached out for brand photography and video shorts for her wellness coaching business. She has many years of experience in the healthcare field, specifically as a physician assistant. But I LOVE that she decided to strike out on her own when she felt the intuition and pull to change her lifestyle and career. Even […]

Jan 18, 2024


2024 Brand photo and video retainers

My annual Retainers for brand photography and video are now open for booking! I launch this program every year in January, when we’re most motivated and action-oriented. It’s the time of year we often look at mapping out our priorities and focus for the next few months. We can also be looking at long-term future […]

Jan 2, 2024


what are video shorts?

We’ve been offering Brand Video Shorts since 2021, but if you’re new here, let me reintroduce you to them! Video shorts are for businesses who are ready to embrace video. They’re super easy to produce during a brand session, right alongside your photos. Brand Video Shorts are: Brand videography has never been easier, and we […]

Jan 1, 2024


brand photos for profitability coach in Santa Fe New Mexico with aspen trees

Amber and I previously worked together back in 2021 for her brand photography. I love doing a brand session for coaches like Amber, who have a very personal brand! She also had amazing ideas for backdrops and locations for her photos. Essentially, she’s a profit coach for entrepreneurs. Her business, Profit for Keeps, helps business […]

Dec 27, 2023


Becca and I have gotten to work together a couple times for brand photography. I love doing a brand session for organic living consultant like Becca, she has so much knowledge and passion for organic living and beauty! Her business, Organically Becca, helps people wanting to make sustainable living a priority regardless of if they […]

Oct 26, 2023


laptop and candle and newspaper for real estate agents on a wooden table

Chelsea is the founder of Modern Agent Social Club membership for realtors, and a powerhouse. She’s one of my Retainer clients, so we get to work together each quarter for custom photos for her Club members! Brand Photos for Modern Realtors Not only do the members get custom photos, but Chelsea fully helps them prep […]

Oct 5, 2023


woman headshot for image consultant wearing a bright magenta pink red dress

LeAnn owns Conway Image Consulting, and she’s an image consultant and etiquette expert based in the Milwaukee area. LeAnn and I have been working together already for 5 years, so she’s one of my longest-running clients! This feels wild to me, as if it was just a few months ago when we first met. It’s […]

Sep 14, 2023


how an extended maternity leave impacted my small woman-owned creative business, out of office time

Let me start by saying that it was NOT easy to turn off my work brain. And no, I did not do a perfect job staying away from my business entirely. I knew that going into my extended out of office time for maternity leave that I would be tempted to work. After all, my […]

Sep 7, 2023


handmade jewelry earrings with salvaged leather and metal from milwaukee maker artist

Stacey is the owner and artist behind Maebel Jewelry. She’s such a creative woman, working with salvaged leather and other metal materials to make wearable works of art! Her earrings and necklaces are each a labor of love. It’s such an honor to do brand photos for jewelry artist like her, right here in the […]

Aug 24, 2023


I love working with real estate agents for personal branding photos! Katie and I got to work together a couple years ago, so we knew each other going into the session. Brand Session Location for Real Estate Agent Katie is with Keller Williams Realty (KW), so we were able to use two different locations for […]

Aug 3, 2023


the list

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