woman holding phone and coffee mug with orange jumpsuit

Choosing Props for Brand Photos We all love props! But you might feel stuck when you’re choosing props for your brand photos. It can be overwhelming to not only plan your wardrobe, a shot list, poses, and then also props. Any great brand or commercial photographer will help with those decisions. A full-service brand or […]

Mar 23, 2023


woman in a white dress brand photos for a transformational life coach

Some of the best spaces are hidden gems! I’m dishing all my (not-so-secret) Milwaukee location ideas for outdoor brand photo and video sessions. These are just a few of the best options, but as you can guess there are more! Outdoor brand photo locations don’t have to be boring, we can find you a perfect […]

Mar 16, 2023


primary care doctor performing wellness checkup exam and showing test results on ipad

Dr. Julie Waisbren and Dr. Charles Waisbren are a father and daughter private practice team that make up Waisbren Primary Care, wellness experts who truly care. How We Connected I got to connect with Dr. Julie through her fantastic website designer and creative director, Katie of Ugly Wolf. Katie provided the creative direction and a […]

Mar 9, 2023


We all likely know someone who has hired a photographer or videographer, only to be underwhelmed or disappointed. It’s an awful feeling to know you’ve lost time and hard-earned money hiring a service provider who missed the mark. So let’s flip the script; I want to share key things to look for in a Brand […]

Feb 23, 2023


wellness and fitness coach stretching on a home gym floor

When it comes to the wellness space, you hear lots of varying advice. People that love this or that diet, the best fitness routine, or a weight loss product that *really* works. But what about coaches concerned with the WHOLE you? The future version of yourself? Justine is the type of transformational coach and public […]

Feb 9, 2023


the resonant voice, vocal coach brand photography

Why We’ve Introduced Brand Video Services for Businesses With video marketing on the rise, we decided it’s time. This year we’ve been offering short-form brand video services for businesses, and we’re calling them video ‘shorts!’ I’m still working on education and courses to learn more about long-form video, but short-form video also has many benefits […]

Jan 26, 2023


real estate agents realtors meeting outdoors to go over listing and pending offer on iPad

Recently, I got to do brand photos for real estate agent Insiders Realty in Madison, WI! Cait and her staff, Ashlee and Ryan, make an incredible team serving the greater Madison area. She’s very active on social media, as well as active in the community and her neighborhood. Cait and her team are some of […]

Jan 12, 2023


2023 Brand photography and video Retainers now open for booking for women entrepreneurs and women business owners

My annual Retainers for brand photography and video are now open for booking! I launch this program every year in January, when we’re most motivated and action-oriented. It’s the time of year we often look at mapping out our priorities and focus for the next few months. We can also be looking at long-term future […]

Jan 3, 2023


modern sans serif brand identity for a brand photographer

I’m so excited to finally share a post with more details on our new brand identity for My Brand Photographer! See all of the brand elements below, and I’ll share more about the design process. Designing a brand identity for a brand photographer (who also has a background in graphic design, hi!) might not have […]

Dec 15, 2022


realtor in white and light oak kitchen with snacks

I always love working with realtors and real estate agents for brand photography sessions! Annie and I have worked together several times before, so she’s very familiar with the photo process. You can even tell in the photos how comfortable and relaxed she looks – it’s because she’s had practice! Real estate agent brand photography […]

Dec 1, 2022


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