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Brand Photography: Luxury Travel Designer Angela started her company Olive and Atlas Travel Design for a simple reason: she’s passionate about travel! She loves to help her clients design dream travels all centered around the entire experience of the trip. Angela helps her clients plan trips with great food, culture, adventure, and more to make […]

Jan 18, 2021


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“We had such a great experience working with Laurelyn. She walked us through the whole process so we felt prepared before going into the photoshoot. I was able to coordinate my team so that on the day-of everything went super smoothly. She had a great suggestions for location, lighting, poses, changing things up, where need […]

Jan 4, 2021


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Brand Photography: Milwaukee women real estate team I worked with Bradley and her team of women in fall to update their brand photography. The whole team was so much fun to work with! We got to start at their office, and then use one of their homes for our second location. Location for a session […]

Dec 15, 2020


brand headshot, wellnest chiropractic woman-owned business milwaukee wisconsin, photo by mybrandphotographer

Brand Photography: Milwaukee woman-owned chiropractic clinic Dr. Hannah is passionate about helping women through chiropractic care and caring for the nervous system, so that women can live healthy, full lives. She’s such a caring woman, and her treatment, approach, and modern, approachable care for her patients makes her stand out! Not to mention she has […]

Dec 2, 2020


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Brand Photography: Milwaukee Women-Owned Accounting Firm Victoria owns and operates Affinity Accounting, with the help of her awesome team. Victoria recently rebranded and relaunched her website, and I was so thrilled to work with her team for their brand photography! Her team has grown quickly, and her business has taken off locally. Victoria wanted her […]

Nov 15, 2020


marketing coach, woman brand headshot, My Brand Photographer, a brand photographer for creatives, coaches, fempreneurs, and entrepreneurs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. #creativepreneur #womeninbusiness #brandphotographer #brandphotography

“Laurelyn is amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and had tons of great ideas for locations and poses that were unique and fun. I bought a package with her for branding photography and am so excited I get to continue to get photos done regularly with her!” Laura of […]

Sep 9, 2020


modern handprint analysis, My Brand Photographer, a brand photographer for creatives, coaches, fempreneurs, and entrepreneurs in St. Louis, Missouri. #creativepreneur #womeninbusiness #brandphotographer #brandphotography

St Louis Brand Photographer Lisa is the passionate, driven woman behind Purpose Magnified. She’s a scientific hand analyst, basically she reads fingerprints and handprints and uses them to guide your life purpose. Lisa has such a gift for making every one of her clients feel welcomed and heard. What a unique talent to use a […]

Apr 13, 2020


Q1 + Q2 READING LIST Since we’re already almost through Q1, and we’re all likely in quarantine for the forseeable future, now’s the perfect time to share what I’m reading! I’m still finishing up books from Q1, but let’s be honest, I have plenty of time to dedicate to reading in Q2, so I’m optimistic […]

Mar 23, 2020


woman brand headshot reading, My Brand Photographer, a brand photographer for creatives, coaches, fempreneurs, and entrepreneurs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. #creativepreneur #womeninbusiness #brandphotographer #brandphotography

Milwaukee Brand Photographer Brittany was one of my retainer clients a couple of years ago, and we had a refresher session to give her some additional lifestyle images! She and her husband have been working tirelessly restoring and renovating their mid-century home just outside of Milwaukee, so it was the perfect location for her session. […]

Mar 16, 2020


how to reach your dream career level for female entrepreneurs

Reach Your Dream Career Level Do we ever stop chasing it and actually reach it? You know what I’m talking about, that ‘dream career level.’ Some women spend their entire life chasing it, and I think I’ve discovered part of how to get there. We’ve probably all heard the phrase: “Dress for the job you […]

Feb 3, 2020


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