Brand Session: Organically Becca


Oct 26, 2023

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Becca and I have gotten to work together a couple times for brand photography. I love doing a brand session for organic living consultant like Becca, she has so much knowledge and passion for organic living and beauty! Her business, Organically Becca, helps people wanting to make sustainable living a priority regardless of if they have a small or large budget.

Let’s face it, we all could live a little cleaner. Becca does an amazing job recommending clean swaps for everyday life that include home and beauty products. She has a great approach, small swaps and one at a time, that make it a more feasible idea. The way she puts it, it’s easier to make tiny changes and honestly they all add up.

Location for a Brand Session for Organic Living Consultant

As I’ve done in the past with lots of clients, we rented the location for this brand photo session. Lots of times a traditional photo studio with plain backdrops will not cut it. For Becca’s session we knew our wishlist included things like a kitchen area with sink, stove, and lots of countertop space. We also needed a bathroom for some lifestyle beauty/product photos. Lastly, we wanted an area where she could also get some work from home style shots. All of these are realistic for the way she works and lives, so they were considerations when picking a location.

We chose this particular rental because it had all the things we needed! It also had a relatively neutral color palette, and with some small tweaks we made sure it fit her brand. The kitchen was perfect as it was, and the bathroom and living space only needed small adjustments. It ended up being the best spot for her brand photos and video shorts!

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