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Oct 5, 2023

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Chelsea is the founder of Modern Agent Social Club membership for realtors, and a powerhouse. She’s one of my Retainer clients, so we get to work together each quarter for custom photos for her Club members!

Brand Photos for Modern Realtors

Not only do the members get custom photos, but Chelsea fully helps them prep all of their marketing. She and her team are teaching real estate agents how to make social media social again, and not salesy! She does an amazing job providing her members with valuable content. I LOVE being part of her team and providing fun, customized brand photos for them to use. It’s a huge value add on top of the marketing strategy and frameworks she teaches inside of her membership.

Modern realtors are real estate agents who think differently. They focus on local community, supporting their friends and family as well as local businesses. They invest time and energy into making their area a better place to live. What they do for a job is basically an extension of who they are as a person!

But it’s important that they infuse their brand full of personality, to stand out in a crowd. What hobbies do they enjoy? Where will you find them on a Saturday night? When they’re not working, what do they enjoy? These things really help round out their brand and how people perceive them – first as people! In a crowded market (there are SO many realtors these days), these things help differentiate them. So I love that Chelsea provides brand photos for modern realtors through her membership community.

An Ongoing, Retainer Relationship

So all in all, it’s an amazing partnership that I’ve been able to build with Chelsea and her team over the past 5+ years. We get to provide huge value to her members, and Chelsea and I now know each other’s process so well that our sessions go incredibly smoothly each time. It’s a beautiful thing to have an ongoing relationship like ours, and I’m so thankful for her!

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