Without the burden of creating all your own website images, social media content, and marketing images, you can instead dig in and work on making your business profitable and bonus - attract your dream clients while earning your living! Not only can you achieve success and sustainability, but you can take that heavy weight off of your shoulders to do EVERYTHING in your business, including struggling to create images for your online brand that bring in your favorite clients. The days of doing #allthethings yourself are over.

ARE YOU ready to be the hero of your own business?

Simply need a guide to get you started and stay on track? I’m here for you, friend! Here to encourage, empower + equip you to go out there and do what you do best, serve your clients.

are you Prepared to take charge?

You're a small business owner wearing all the hats. I see you, serving your clients and pouring your heart + soul into your business, hoping to see it grow but instead feeling overwhelmed. The real life behind your social media highlights isn't always pretty, and you're spending too much time taking your own photos. Let's get you more of your time back, so you can focus on the revenue-generating areas of your business! Soon you'll be making more profit and spending more time on what matters.

brand photographer + strategist for creatives

I'm Laurelyn



I'm Ready!


that we live by


We believe clear communication builds the strongest base of trust with our clients, and we always work to provide clear direction and set realistic expectations for our services.


We promise to be actively involved both publicly and behind the scenes – in our structure, company culture, and hiring process – in not only including but actively welcoming all kinds of people. We respect and involve clients, contractors and vendors of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, special needs or disability. This is not simply a phrase to us, but a daily action and practice to better include, value, and collaborate with all of our fellow humans.

We also work with other brands and companies that actively support and emanate these same values, both publicly and internally in their culture, structure, and hiring/promotion.


Here, we know that honesty is the best policy, and that "clear is kind, and unclear is unkind" (to borrow a phrase from Brene Brown).

quality over quantity

At My Brand Photographer, we can't overstate how deeply we believe in quality over quantity. Our mission, values, and practices all work to support this main goal.

You won't find steep discounts, flash sales, or bottom-of-the-barrel pricing here. The time investment in each of our clients is significant to get to know you and your brand on a deep level, so our pricing and our approach is structured accordingly. In order to dedicate the time needed to produce high-quality work for each of our clients, it means that our small team takes on a very limited number of clients at a time. We know this approach helps us produce amazing and transformational results for our clients!



I do what I do

Deep down, you know this truth - you can’t sustain a business if you’re constantly trying to keep your head above water, burned out and tired of the hustle. It doesn’t have to be like that! I’ve grown my business slowly over the course of 13+ years, and have shifted my mindset from ‘never enough’ to ‘I’m enough.’ I’ve seen friends + fellow women push themselves to the point of breaking, their health + family life suffering to sustain a business that had total control of them. Don’t let that be you, it’s possible to get your time back, delegate tasks, create a strategy, and pull yourself back up again. Do it for you.

Do it for your health, your legacy, and your future. It’s going to be a bright one.

I believe women don’t have to be permanently attached to their desk (and their business) to be successful. You were made for so much more than to work yourself to exhaustion.



While I love being home, I also love exploring this amazing planet and experiencing new places, food, and cultures. Some of my favorite areas I’ve visited include: Italy, Greece, Mexico, Grenada, Arizona, California, and Charleston. Next up? England!

my favorites



I’m most comfortable at home, snuggling my goldendoodle puppy, Milly! My husband and I got her in late 2019, and she's been an energetic, joyful addition to our lives ever since. She keeps me active, and always has puppy kisses to give.

my favorites



Almost any kind of tacos, and a bonus if they come with a side of guacamole and sour cream. The best tacos I’ve ever had were in Puerto Vallarta, paired with a classic margarita on the rocks (another favorite, if you couldn't tell).

my favorites



I'm a distance runner, but I mostly do it for the enjoyment and not as much for the competition. I ran my first half marathon in summer 2018, and my goal is to run another half marathon in 2022! My favorite place I've ever run was in Phoenix, AZ.

My favorites

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Find some peace in running your business, and know that we can work together to create an easy-to-follow strategy + take your imagery from zero to hero quickly.