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primary care doctor performing wellness checkup exam and showing test results on ipad

Dr. Julie Waisbren and Dr. Charles Waisbren are a father and daughter private practice team that make up Waisbren Primary Care, wellness experts who truly care. How We Connected I got to connect with Dr. Julie through her fantastic website designer and creative director, Katie of Ugly Wolf. Katie provided the creative direction and a […]

Mar 9, 2023


wellness and fitness coach stretching on a home gym floor

When it comes to the wellness space, you hear lots of varying advice. People that love this or that diet, the best fitness routine, or a weight loss product that *really* works. But what about coaches concerned with the WHOLE you? The future version of yourself? Justine is the type of transformational coach and public […]

Feb 9, 2023


realtor in white and light oak kitchen with snacks

I always love working with realtors and real estate agents for brand photography sessions! Annie and I have worked together several times before, so she’s very familiar with the photo process. You can even tell in the photos how comfortable and relaxed she looks – it’s because she’s had practice! Real estate agent brand photography […]

Dec 1, 2022


coach and podcaster brand photos, kiley peter of rayne ix

I loved doing brand photos for coach, podcaster, and speaker, Kiley Peters! She owns and operates Rayne IX, where she coaches women of all ages and backgrounds through entrepreneurship. For a multi-passionate entrepreneur like Kiley, it’s important to get a variety of images. She does so many different things within her businesses, and we want […]

Nov 22, 2022


holiday gifting with scissors, twine, and wrapped gifts on a white background

Review for My Brand Photographer “My business partner and I hired Laurelyn on retainer to help provide professional photography for our business and a subscription service we are launching. Laurelyn made it super easy to get started and helped a ton with the planning process for our first shoot. It went flawlessly! Of course, the […]

Nov 10, 2022


modern agent social club coffee cup on an office desk with green curtains in the background

Modern Agent Social Club, headed by Chelsea Petersen, is one of my Retainer clients who I work with several times per year. We got together recently for a holiday edition of her photos in a gorgeous space near Chicago! It was such a perfect backdrop for some year-end holiday images for MASC members with real […]

Nov 3, 2022


toys in a basket, boho feel with wooden toys and olive tree stem in the background

Erin and Jenna of Market St Creative came to me for brand photos, and we work together through my Retainer program. Basically, we get to work together multiple times per year! It’s a dream come true to do brand photos for creatives and designers. They are creatives and designers for sleep consultants, and I love […]

Oct 20, 2022


realtor staging a home for sale in illinois

Review for My Brand Photographer “From start to finish Laurelyn was wonderful to work with. During our initial consultations and then planning meetings she was great about getting to know my brand and then communicating a clear plan of action to not only focus on my business – but also the pillars of my brand, […]

Oct 6, 2022


the resonant voice, vocal coach brand photography

Recently Ally of The Resonant Voice and I got to work together on updating her brand! She hadn’t had professional brand photos before this, her business took off and it wasn’t high on the list. Let’s be real, most of us start out this way, bootstrapping things before we hire professionals. Most businesses don’t start […]

Sep 22, 2022


realtor staging a home for sale in illinois

First of all, I LOVE doing brand sessions for real estate agents. Ashley is a fantastic realtor not far from Milwaukee, so I was thrilled to do brand photos for an Illinois realtor. She’s a former photographer herself, but now her focus is real estate for military families. Ashley focuses specifically on helping military families […]

Sep 8, 2022


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