Brand Session: Waisbren Primary Care, Wellness Experts

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Mar 9, 2023

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Dr. Julie Waisbren and Dr. Charles Waisbren are a father and daughter private practice team that make up Waisbren Primary Care, wellness experts who truly care.

How We Connected

I got to connect with Dr. Julie through her fantastic website designer and creative director, Katie of Ugly Wolf. Katie provided the creative direction and a whole design deck so that we knew the ultimate vision of the photo session. The main purpose of our brand session had one clear goal: website photos for Waisbren’s new brand! Both Dr. Julie and Dr. Charles are established physicians and very knowledgable about their practice. After both practicing medicine separately, they formed a new brand/company together. So it was crucial to have professional images to use for their new brand identity and upcoming website.

The Session Day

Julie was so personable and friendly, so we hit it off immediately. She mentioned though the very first time we talked that she was nervous for photos. It’s completely normal! I let her know this, but just saying that alone is not enough as a photographer. We talked about outfit choices, met at the location for a site visit, and even chose artwork together for the wall in some of her photos.

When there’s so much to decide and do before a session, it’s easy to feel alone and nervous about it! I always aim to make the experience more enjoyable by walking clients through the entire process. Mostly for women, that means deciding in advance what to wear, how to have hair/makeup done, and other details of our appearance. When we feel dressed and ready, we exude confidence! Julie was no exception, and she showed up very well prepared and had more confidence on the session day.

Timeless Brand Photos for Wellness Experts

The resulting images were exactly what she wanted! Her designer, Katie, was also really happy with our results, as the images worked well for their new website. Having a ready-to-go image library helps designers and creatives showcase their own work as well, in this case a stunning website design. We created timeless brand images, and Waisbren Primary Care will be able to use them for years to come.

Waisbren Primary Care, and Wellness Experts Julie and Charles were fantastic to work with! I love working with wellness experts in general, but even more so when they are like these two. They’re brimming with care and professionalism, and really make their patients feel heard and valued. It was a joy working with them!

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