Brand Session: Justine, Transformational Coach + Public Speaker

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Feb 9, 2023

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When it comes to the wellness space, you hear lots of varying advice. People that love this or that diet, the best fitness routine, or a weight loss product that *really* works. But what about coaches concerned with the WHOLE you? The future version of yourself? Justine is the type of transformational coach and public speaker that wants to help you become your future self with ease! Transformational coach brand photos can be rather impersonal, so we wanted to change that.

Justine has an amazing personal history with wellness and fitness, and is an all around amazing human. She’s experienced her own huge transformation, both personally and professionally. When I think of a transformation coach, she’s the first person to come to mind. She leads with empathy and care, and has a huge heart for helping and lifting up others, especially other women.

It’s not surprising that she’s also a speaker, and shares her life experiences on stages. She’s a published author, and released an incredible book about self-love that she wrote during the pandemic. With lots of time to reflect, she felt called to share her journey in the form of a book.

Brand Photos for a Transformational Coach

Justine and I wanted to capture the fullness of her personality, beyond a headshot. She has so much more to her personality than just work, so we documented a bit of her wellness and personal routine. We could have spent even longer and gotten more! She’s a Retainer client, so we will be having a few sessions together to fully round out her brand image library.

It was so fun doing transformational coach brand photos for Justine, and she’s a pure joy to work with.

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