Why We’ve Introduced Brand Video Services for Businesses


Jan 26, 2023

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Why We’ve Introduced Brand Video Services for Businesses

With video marketing on the rise, we decided it’s time. This year we’ve been offering short-form brand video services for businesses, and we’re calling them video ‘shorts!’

I’m still working on education and courses to learn more about long-form video, but short-form video also has many benefits (and is something I have experience in):

  1. It’s low-pressure for you as a client: It’s quick and easy to record short clips, and we can accomplish it during your photo session. While you’re already dressed and have hair/makeup done, it’s the perfect time to capture video as well.
  2. Social media favors short-form video: Reels/Stories on Instagram and video on social (like TikTok) are here to stay, in one form or another. More than half of viewers are watching from a smartphone, so shorter videos tend to get more engagement.
  3. Easy to consume for viewers: Let’s face it – everyone is busy so it’s easier for your audience to watch! Keep it short and sweet, and entertain or educate your viewers.
  4. It’s perfect for backgrounds and website banners: And bonus, it’s a professional way to incorporate video into your site. SEO loves video (aka you rank higher on Google), so it only helps your online presence.
  5. Less content you need to create on your own: So if you haven’t already jumped into creating video content, now is the perfect time to start. You’ll walk away from a brand session with not only images but also video.

Video in 2023 and Beyond

Are you considering dabbling in video? Is it on your 2023 goals list to expand your marketing to include video? Consider starting with short-form video first!

Maybe you’re a service provider like a creative artist, designer, writer, coach, consultant, public speaker, realtor, attorney, or wellness expert. Maybe you’re a product-based business like a grower/farmer, baker, chef, or you create home care, personal care, or home decor.

If you have questions or want to share more about your business, contact me to talk more.

For a few samples of my recent work for The Daily Page, The Resonant Voice, and Insiders Realty, see the video clips below.

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