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Jan 12, 2023

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Recently, I got to do brand photos for real estate agent Insiders Realty in Madison, WI! Cait and her staff, Ashlee and Ryan, make an incredible team serving the greater Madison area. She’s very active on social media, as well as active in the community and her neighborhood.

Cait and her team are some of my Retainer clients, so we get to work together a few times per year. We get to capture several different locations on different days. And we also get to capture a few different seasons, which in Wisconsin, look very different from each other! So it always looks like they have fresh, relevant content.

Brand photos for real estate agent

We decided that for their brand session, we’d visit some iconic Madison spots. Capitol Square is known and loved by locals and visitors, so we started at a couple locations along the Square. We got both photos and video footage for their marketing, and it turned out beautifully!

Next we chose to use a neighborhood location, and in this case we used Cait’s own home. She lives in a great neighborhood that has a fantastic mix of style of homes, and was perfect for photos. It also turned out to be a gorgeous day, so we got some outdoor shots. Cait’s front porch worked really well for some casual working photos as well as their team photo and headshots.

The team came very well prepared with multiple outfits, and props appropriate for their work. They were so generous with their time, and we were able to capture tons of content!

I love when a team is as open-minded and adaptable as Cait’s team. They relaxed and we were able to capture shots that feel very natural and professional yet easy-going, which is their brand vibe.

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