Brand Session: Insiders Realty, Madison Real Estate Agents


Jun 22, 2023

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Cait, Ryan, and Ashlee of Insiders Realty in Madison got together with me for new brand photos and video for their real estate business. They’re some of my Retainer clients, so I get to see them a few times per year!

Brand Photos for Real Estate Agents

We had a spring-feeling session to capture photos of the two of them working indoor, since for their previous branding session we got lots of outdoor working photos. This light and bright home was the perfect setting to capture them working together. Cait’s team’s brand color palette has some beautiful tones of light blue, orange, and an olive green, so the colors here worked perfectly.

Adding a few pops of fresh greenery and personal items, along with the cool branded stickers they have, were perfect! These small ways to personalize a photo session go a long way to creating completely custom photos and videos for your brand. Custom real estate agents brand photos can be such a great way to stand out amongst lots of other area realtors.

Brand Video for Realtors

We also got some behind the scenes (b-roll) video clips during their brand session! You might have seen recently that I announced I’m now offering Brand Shorts, short-form videos for marketing. These videos can be perfect for your website, social media, email, and anywhere you do digital marketing.

If you’re looking for video for your business too, let’s get in touch. I love offering this as a part of my brand sessions, and the way they’re used can be so powerful for businesses I work with.

Thanks for being some of my Retainer clients this year, Cait, Ashlee and Ryan! I love being part of your ‘team’ and helping you get marketing photos and videos to spread the word about your business!

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