Brand Session: Sully’s Sandwiches + Miss Molly’s Cafe


Jun 29, 2023

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Molly wasn’t busy enough with Miss Molly’s Cafe, she also wanted to open up a casual, family-friendly sandwich shop! I’m kidding of course, but I’m so glad she took on the extra project and extra work. She and her team have built a fantastic gem for the neighborhood right next door to the Cafe. I got to stop by for a local restaurant brand photo session for both Miss Molly’s and the new Sully’s Sandwiches.

Local Restaurant Brand Photo Session

Both the cafe and sandwich shop typically add new menu items seasonally or as they create them. With Sully’s being so new, they’re still experimenting with recipes and finding new ideas. So naturally, they need new brand and menu photos as they go!

I was able to get a sneak peek of some new menu items coming to Sully’s for the spring/summer season. They not only have great food, but we also photographed some of the merch and iconic, playful graphics on the interior. The space is so well thought-out and imagined by O & O Studio, and is the right balance of appetizing and fun. My favorite part is all the sandwich ingredient stencil designs covering the walls.

Molly and her team had baked items and sandwiches prepped and ready for their brand photo session. Their cafe and sandwich shop have mostly opposite hours, a different vibe, and very different menus. So naturally they want different types of photos for each. At Sully’s we went for a much more casual and playful vibe, which translated to photos holding the food. We also incorporated some great shots of the graphic interior details like the walls, kids area, and vinyl door decals. At Miss Molly’s Cafe, the feel is more light, airy and refined. For those photos, we leaned more towards that aesthetic. I love the different feel in each space!

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