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Oct 20, 2022

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Erin and Jenna of Market St Creative came to me for brand photos, and we work together through my Retainer program. Basically, we get to work together multiple times per year! It’s a dream come true to do brand photos for creatives and designers.

They are creatives and designers for sleep consultants, and I love how specific and niched that is. Erin and Jenna know exactly who their clients are, and how to reach them. They’re also starting a subscription, in which members will get content that they (Erin and Jenna) create for marketing. Talk about making their clients’ lives easier!

Brand Photos for Creatives and Designers

We were aiming to capture their brand aesthetic in these images, as well as speak to their ideal clients. Marketing images are a MUST for their brand. Since they’re beginning a subscription service, they also need some images to give to their subscription members.

They needed a myriad of things, so we are working together for a Retainer for the entire year. When clients need as many images and as much variety as they do, they need a few sessions per year. Our first session was mainly focused on creating imagery for the first few months of their subscription. These images will go to their members, which is exciting!

woman placing newborn baby in crib, sleep consultant
toys in a basket, boho feel with wooden toys and olive tree stem in the background
holiday gifting with scissors, twine, and wrapped gifts on a white background
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