What Do You Get from a Brand Photo Session?


Oct 13, 2022

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If you’re wondering what you get from a brand photo session, besides new headshots, this is for you!

It’s a great question. I love this question because it’s what sets your session apart from just having a regular ol’ headshot session with a portrait or similar type of photographer. 

First, we have a Planning Call before your session to talk about options, and narrow down to ideas that work for YOUR business and brand. But typically, one of my top recommendations during our planning process is highlighting *behind the scenes* moments during your brand session!

This usually looks like: You in action, doing what you do best!

Plus, did you hear I now offer Video Shorts as an add-on option for a brand photography session?! It’s a great way to create some easy video content for your social media, email marketing, or your website, while you’re already dressed and ready for a brand session. Contact me to find out more.

What that looks like practically for you as a: Service-Based Business

For service-based businesses, that often means working with your hands. It can mean working with your clients in-person or virtually. You can even include moments of your daily routine and how you fuel yourself. Think about your personal wellness, your family, your pets, your hobbies, etc. 

What that looks like practically for you as a: Product-Based Business

For product-based businesses (like in the photo in this post), it can mean taking us through the creative process. Showing us materials/ingredients in your products, and how you package/ship/deliver your products. You should also include moments of your daily/personal routine like those listed above.

How about you, do you have some behind the scenes ideas, daily routine moments, or similar images you want to share with your audience? I bet what seems mundane or routine to you is interesting to your ideal audience. They’d love to see those snapshots of your business and life!

What you get from a brand photo session

Ideally you’ll receive a mix of all of these types of photos from your brand photo session:

  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Updated lifestyle headshots
  • Your process and workflow
  • Working with clients/team/others
  • Your WHY
  • And if you’re a personal brand, moments/glimpses of your daily routine

The list could go on, but this is what we recommend as a start. From this, you can build and tailor a shot list for your brand photo session, depending on what resonates with you.

(To be super clear, there’s nothing wrong with getting headshots done by a studio or portrait photographer! That type of session is simply focused on headshots only, not telling the story of your business/brand. Often though there’s no focus on photos that are going to be helpful for your connection-based or story-telling marketing. And usually it’s that element of connection and realness that can be so much more impactful for your brand as a whole.)

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