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May 25, 2023

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Jenna and Erin of Market St Creative are spectacular coaches, designers, and doers for sleep consultants. They work with me as Retainer clients (annually) for new brand photos and video. These two offer so much to their clients, and recently added a subscription where clients even get photo content!

Brand Photos for Coaches and Designers

We had such a blast at their most recent session creating content for their subscription. Because they work with sleep consultants and offer sleep-related content, we have clear goals. This session in particular, they wanted to capture nighttime routines and sleep-related routine. We found models of several ages from toddlers to pre-k and kindergarten-aged children. Previously in their sessions we got to work with a newborn and an infant, so this gave them even more variety.

It was fun to work with these families, but also lots of prep work. Erin and Jenna are so organized, and communicated with the families to line them up for the session. They had creative control and input on wardrobe, and together we chose a location with lots of space.

Location for Brand Photos for Their Subscription Service

We rented a great home location in Milwaukee, since we knew our mood and vibe was sleep-related. I know Jenna and Erin’s brand is light and airy, so I also brought a backdrop to achieve that look. In addition, the spaces we used in the home were nice and bright.

The day of our session was actually rainy and overcast, so I helped add lots of light to the images with my equipment. I always bring lighting equipment for indoor brand sessions to make sure we’re set up for success!

Our location ended up being perfect for brand photos for designers and coaches, especially relating to sleep consultants.

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