Brand Session: Annie Staebler, Real Estate Agent

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Dec 1, 2022

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I always love working with realtors and real estate agents for brand photography sessions! Annie and I have worked together several times before, so she’s very familiar with the photo process. You can even tell in the photos how comfortable and relaxed she looks – it’s because she’s had practice! Real estate agent brand photography never gets old for me, every business is different.

Personalized brand photos can really help agents stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves. It also gets easier every time you do a session, so Annie’s basically a pro by now at photos.

Out with the Old, in with the Personal Brand Photos

Boring commercial headshots are not enough anymore for realtors – they don’t showcase what makes you different. They’re stiff and impersonal, and often look too staged and unnatural. People want to work with other people they can relate to, now more than ever business is personal. So why not have a personalized brand photography session to capture your essence, your process, and allow customers in. Real estate agent brand photography can be the solution.

Real Estate Agent Brand Photography Location

Since Annie is in the business of buying and selling awesome homes, we had to find a great one as a backdrop for her photos! Her aesthetic and vibe is lots of neutral tones and light and bright, so we found the perfect fit. We rented the home (which is a private home) from a local couple with awesome style. Sometimes you find gems and if you pluck up the courage and ask, people will surprise you! The couple we rented from were loose acquaintances of mine, but they couldn’t have been nicer in welcoming us into their home for photos.

The location was light and bright, and I always bring my lighting equipment along with me for situations like this. There was lots of natural light, but I also wanted to balance the window light with some additional light in the home so that there weren’t large patches of dark/shadow on the side away from windows. Take a peek at the photos and I bet you’ll notice how light and bright they came out.

We had such a great session, so feel free to check out this great realtor’s photo additions to her image library!

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