Brand Session: Ashley Morton, Realtor

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Sep 8, 2022

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First of all, I LOVE doing brand sessions for real estate agents. Ashley is a fantastic realtor not far from Milwaukee, so I was thrilled to do brand photos for an Illinois realtor.

She’s a former photographer herself, but now her focus is real estate for military families. Ashley focuses specifically on helping military families find their perfect home (or sell their home)! Personally I love that she has such a specific niche, and one that ties in her own family background. So any chance I get to do brand photos for an Illinois realtor like Ashley, believe me, I take it.

Let me just say, she nailed it. She came prepared with great outfit options for all types of seasons (aka evergreen content), and personalized props. Before we started our session, we looked together at her outfits and decided which worked in each space of the gorgeous home. I always aim to help my clients with getting settled in when we begin, and Ashley looked right at home in the space!

Finding the Perfect Location

Ashley’s style is a mix of classic and modern, and mostly light and airy. We found the perfect space for her brand photo session as a realtor! I always send my clients some location options if they need, so we discussed our options. She chose this stunning home that had just the right combination of modern and classic elements. I think it was the perfect choice for her!

Thanks so much for your trust, Ashley, and I hope these images make you proud. Proud to be helping military families settle into their dream homes, and making their move easier. I hope you love these photos as much as I loved capturing them with you!

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