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Sep 1, 2022

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Dani of The Daily Page and Thyme is Honey contacted me to photograph her planners, as she’s preparing for the holiday and back to school season. The Daily Page brand photos have a Scandinavian minimal vibe, which is a great fit for Dani’s brand aesthetic.

Ultimately, Dani needed lifestyle images with her product in use for upcoming ads, and I couldn’t have been more excited to work with her!

She asked me to get images of her planners in use, so her brand product session focused on a realistic look with wellness tied in. The Daily page brand supports wellness and personal habits. It’s also a great planner to stay organized and schedule your time. It’s a great all around planner!

I can’t lie, I’ve used the Daily Page planner for years now, and I’m a huge fan. She lives abroad, so this remote session was a unique situation for both of us. So I got to do The Daily Page brand photos from my own studio in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.

Remote Product + Brand Photo Session

We worked together to create a session plan, and I already know her brand vibe very well overall. Dani entrusted me with all of the creative direction and styling for our session. She shared her vision really clearly, and shared a Pinterest board, and she trusted me from there. It was a wonderful collaboration, and the end product images turned out just as she wanted.

I got to create video shorts and stop-motions for Dani during our brand session, in addition to images. They are some of my favorites from the session! Stop-motion and video shorts can be so helpful for websites and social media marketing, so it was ideal to be able to produce these for Dani and her team.

Thanks so much for entrusting me with your new brand and product photos, Dani, it was a dream come true!

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