The Secret Ingredient of Brand Photography


Sep 15, 2022

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woman headshot at desk with glasses

Want to know my secret? No joke, I want to tell you my secret to what I do. I want to let you in on the secret ingredient of brand photography.

My clients and I plan and prep our hearts out before a session, so we can be in a setting that you feel comfortable and confident. Then we give you props to work with or things to do, since keeping those hands busy is key! The prep is key because when we have a plan, we naturally all feel more comfortable.

And you know what? When you’re in your zone of genius (because you LOVE what you do, too), your fear of the camera starts to melt away. You feel more comfortable because your body starts to understand — in response, it replies “Oh yes, this is our work, we know how to do this! We love our work.” Muscle memory takes over.

THAT’S where the magic happens — getting you in your element, doing what you love, and doubts become quiet. Yes, it’s scary and vulnerable-feeling at first, but you can overcome that fear. You can overcome it because deep down you KNOW your strengths and value. You know that you help people through your business. Just as you know your secret superpower, I know the secret ingredient of brand photography.

I help women get out of their own way. Really, I just help them get out of their own heads and fears about being in front of a camera, so that they can make magic for their brand!

That knowing and intuition about what you’re doing translates into passion. Passion for your area of expertise, and passion to help change the world one customer at a time.

Your strengths are your magic, and bringing those strengths out in photos is what brand photography is all about!

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