Brand Session: Amber Dugger


Dec 27, 2023

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Amber and I previously worked together back in 2021 for her brand photography. I love doing a brand session for coaches like Amber, who have a very personal brand! She also had amazing ideas for backdrops and locations for her photos. Essentially, she’s a profit coach for entrepreneurs. Her business, Profit for Keeps, helps business owners reach profitability and run wildly successful businesses, no matter their industry or area of expertise.

She has such a wealth of knowledge, and runs her online programs as well as coaching clients via her mastermind group. Amber is exactly the kind of person who I love to spend the day with taking photos while we chat business.

Location for a Brand Session for a Profitability Coach

There was no need to rent any spaces for Amber’s session. She lives near Santa Fe, New Mexico, so we got to explore a gorgeous section of the town for her brand photos! Her brand is a personal brand and doesn’t include a lot of props We mostly just looked for backgrounds that felt true to her style and her roots. Amber grew up in the area, and was able to point us to some perfect areas. We used textured walls, creekside paths, and stucco buildings that were ideal for her brand.

She’s also got a very aspirational brand, so we made use of the incredible mountains north of Santa Fe. We also got to include the changing aspen trees for some creative brand images. As a profit coach for entrepreneurs, her brand also stands for abundance. So the wide open spaces and the vast views of the mountains were wonderfully symbolic. Her photos turned out better than I even imagined! You can simply FEEL her positive and infectious energy. She’s a force, to say the least. Thank you, Amber, for having me out to New Mexico, and showing me some of your favorite spots!

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