What are Video Shorts?


Jan 1, 2024

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We’ve been offering Brand Video Shorts since 2021, but if you’re new here, let me reintroduce you to them! Video shorts are for businesses who are ready to embrace video. They’re super easy to produce during a brand session, right alongside your photos.

Brand Video Shorts are:

  • 10-15 second video clips
  • a variety of types of content like behind the scenes, day in the life, showing your process or products or services, your location/office/storefront, working with your clients
  • can be either personal or business related (or both!)
  • perfect for marketing content in places where video is preferred like website banners, Instagram Reels or Stories, Pinterest, Facebook video Stories, TikTok, YouTube Shorts or anywhere where you use short-form video
  • available for you to use literally anywhere you do your marketing, no restrictions
  • best of all, they’re included in your Brand Session with me!

Brand videography has never been easier, and we create the ideas together. Just like planning for your brand photo session, you’re never alone to figure it out. We collaborate to create the stories you want to tell for your business!

Together we figure out the location, message or story, lighting, action/movement, any anything else you can imagine. We get creative and we do it together.

We assess where you’ll use the video, and craft it accordingly. Looking to use a new platform like Pinterest, Instagram, email marketing, or more? We’ll talk about that in advance and create scroll-stopping video JUST for you!

And I know what you’re thinking… “I don’t want my face to be in the video” or “I’m so awkward when I talk on camera.”

Then you don’t have to! Yes, you heard me. If you don’t want your face to be the center of attention, or you don’t want audio/recording of you, then we don’t do that. We get creative, and we think outside the box of what we can include. And the answer is that we don’t always have to include YOU if you don’t want to.

Seriously, there’s no reason NOT to make video content this year. Let’s do it together, reach out today.

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