Brand Session: Olive and Atlas Travel Design


Mar 28, 2024

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Angela and I worked together for her brand photography back in 2020, when she started her business. She has many years of experience in travel design and is a world explorer! But she decided to strike out on her own when she felt the intuition and pull to change her lifestyle and balance. Angela now has a team working with her at Olive and Atlas, so we did a refresh session with everyone. Travel designer brand photos were even more fun with her whole team there.

Even while being a busy mom, she has made time to pursue her passion of travel and exploring culture. She plans and executes once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences for her clients every day. Angela’s work is amazing in that she also lives the life that she also encourages her clients to pursue. Along with her family (for many trips), she travels everywhere!

Brand Photo Session for a Luxury Travel Designer

Different from our first session together, we actually rented the location for this brand photo session. For Angela’s session we knew our wishlist included things like a simple backdrop for her team photos. We also needed lots of blank, open space that felt very light and airy for her brand. Lastly, we wanted an area where they could also get some work from home style shots. All of these are realistic for the way her team works and lives, so they were considerations when picking a location.

We chose this particular rental because it had all the things we needed! It also had a relatively neutral color palette, and with some small tweaks we made sure it fit her brand. It ended up being the best spot for her brand photos and team images, too.

Since this was a short refresh session, we mostly focused on individual headshots, a team headshot, and behind the scenes. Their workdays are not always together as a team, so it was fun to get that energy on camera. Thank you, as always, Angela, for having me document and celebrate your talented team!

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