Brand Session: Laura, The Still and Bloom


Jan 18, 2024

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Laura reached out for brand photography and video shorts for her wellness coaching business. She has many years of experience in the healthcare field, specifically as a physician assistant. But I LOVE that she decided to strike out on her own when she felt the intuition and pull to change her lifestyle and career. Even while being a busy mom, she got her Wellness Coaching certification and has opened her own business as a wellness coach.

She wanted to focus on being well, instead of the reactive culture in healthcare today, getting well. Laura’s work is amazing in that she lives the life that she also encourages her clients to pursue. She’s living her work, in the best way! Her company is called The Still and Bloom.

Brand Session for a Wellness Coach and Wellness Expert

As I’ve done in the past with lots of clients, we rented the location for this brand photo session. For Laura’s session we knew our wishlist included things like a workspace that could double as a kitchen countertop. We also needed lots of blank, open space that felt very light and airy for her brand. Lastly, we wanted an area where she could also get some work from home style shots. All of these are realistic for the way she works and lives, so they were considerations when picking a location.

We chose this particular rental because it had all the things we needed! It also had a relatively neutral color palette, and with some small tweaks we made sure it fit her brand. It ended up being the best spot for her brand photos and video shorts!

After we finished at the studio, we headed outdoors for some images and video in nature. She loves the practice of “forest bathing” so we made sure to focus on that, plus some walking and running images. For wellness coach brand photos, we wanted all the spaces to feel like they related to overall wellbeing. We got a lot of variety in these two locations.

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