Your Brand Needs to Leave an Impression


Apr 7, 2022

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woman in kitchen with vase of flowers

Your brand needs to leave an impression.

Do you remember the last time you stayed at a hotel or Airbnb? (Yes, I know, it probably feels like years ago even if it wasn’t.) Can you recall how you felt right when you walked in? Let’s assume it was a place you enjoyed, how did you feel? Did you feel cared for, comfortable, like a home away from home? All those little touches, did they make you feel surprise and delight? In the same way, your brand needs to leave an instant impression, and a brand impression is really important to get right.

That’s exactly the experience you want to be giving your customers! It’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day in your business and forget to actively think about how to serve your customers really really well. Give them a memorable, beautiful and easy experience. What does that look like for your business? It depends, but I’ve compiled some checkins below to assess how you’re doing. It’s quick to assess how you’re doing, and make some slight adjustments. I recommend an annual checkin, at minimum!

Easy Checkin to Perform

Here are 3 areas to assess and see how you’re doing, so you can amp up the surprise and delight:

  1. Inquiry: When they inquire about your services, or visit your shopping page if you sell products, is there any component to make them feel like they’re in the exact right place? Something to surprise or delight them? If not, consider adding a video or welcome area, where you thank them, show them what to expect out of the experience of working with you, or the experience they’ll have with your products!
  2. Onboarding: What does your onboarding process look like? Are there moments where you can surprise them? If you offer services, can you send a small ‘thank you’ gift when they book? Or if you sell products, can you include something special in their product package?
  3. After the sale: How can you follow up a great experience with even more thoughtfulness? Besides asking for a review (which you of course should do), can you include any extras? Perhaps a returning customer/appreciation discount or special incentive? A video thanking them personally, and letting them know their order is on its way?

Be the fresh flowers on the nightstand. The mint on the pillow. Be the experience they never knew they wanted, but when they get it, they absolutely appreciate it (and can’t get enough of your brand)! If you’re not sure where to start, let’s talk.

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