Brand Session: Amanda DeSonia, Health + Lifestyle Brand

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Mar 24, 2022

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Brand Photo Session for a Health and Lifestyle Brand

Amanda has a very personal lifestyle brand, and she combines it with her sales role in her brand Work with Water. She’s a huge believer in natural, environmentally-friendly living, so we knew we wanted to capture both sides of her brand. Her home and her family life is also really important to her, so we also incorporated her working in different areas throughout her home. Amanda’s family even appear in a some of our brand session photos for her health and lifestyle brand, as they normally would be spending time together throughout her day.

With the location feeling very familiar and comfortable for her, it made the session that much more enjoyable and easy. She was in her own space and had access to wardrobe and outfits for a few changes during our brand photos.

Props for a Brand Session for a Health and Lifestyle Brand

We knew we wanted to include props that felt very natural in the photos, things that would normally be around Amanda in her everyday life, and products she uses every day. Household tasks like folding and putting away laundry, cleaning with her products, and even brushing her dog were key. In addition we got photos of her working on her computer and reading, to name a few. The products she uses and sells are so second nature to her whole family that it made this part easy!

My favorite part of the photo session was when we got to spend time in the kitchen with her kids. They all participated in washing and prepping vegetables. Amanda’s family eats healthfully and everyone contributes, so it was great to see them working together in her photos.

Thank you, Amanda, for working with me to capture so many different aspects of your brand!

woman looking in round mirror above a bedroom dresser woman at kitchen sink looking at kids and washing vegetables woman standing for a headshot in a bright modern white kitchenwoman brushing her black and white shepherd dogwoman cleaning stainless steel fridge door with a blue cloth woman cutting cucumber and vegetables in kitchen laundry basket by white set built-in of drawers woman in kitchen with vase of flowers woman cleaning stove vent hood lady reading on sunporch woman next to round mirror and bedroom dresser woman cutting vegetables in kitchen woman and daughter cleaning in kitchen

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