Sharing My WHY, My Mission Statement

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Feb 24, 2022

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Sharing My Why

My Mission Statement,Why I Do What I do, and Why I LOVE What I Do

My WHY: I believe women don’t have to be permanently attached to their desk (and their business) to be successful. You can add so much more value to the world when you don’t work yourself to exhaustion and poor health.

How it all started

I started this brand photography branch of my photography business 7 years ago to help a coach friend. At the time, she was working hard as a coach, starting a family, balancing as much as she could, but something had to give. She sheepishly asked if I would come take some photos of her behind the scenes in her business and also her personal life and her wellness/routine, and I immediately said “yes” with enthusiasm!

She mentioned how much time she spent trying to take and edit (and the editing took so long she wanted to skip it) her own photos to use for her marketing. Her husband is pretty good with a phone camera, and she could try taking some herself, but she felt it took SO much of her time and she constantly needed photos to market herself. It was too much.

So we worked together for a couple of hours to get her some photos to get going. And she LOVED it. We got so much done, and she never wanted to take that task back again once she’d delegated it to someone else. RELIEF, finally!

It was at that moment I saw with full clarity

That’s when I knew I wanted to do brand photography for women entrepreneurs. It was incredibly powerful to see the pure JOY in my first client knowing that she had help. She found someone to save her TIME, and she also found a trusted extension of her team. My client found someone who understood her, took a concept, and ran with that concept to create a vision.

Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you need to be tied to a desk. It doesn’t mean you need to do ALL the things yourself. You can delegate and hire folks to help with tasks that aren’t in your Zone of Genius. It’s okay! And in fact, it makes you even more productive. You can get back to the things that ONLY YOU can do in your business.

You can do some pretty amazing things, but you can’t do all of them while virtually chained to your desk. That’s why my mission statement is all about helping you save time!

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