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Apr 21, 2022

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Laura Foote Designs, Milwaukee Jewelry Designer Brand Session

Laura of Laura Foote Designs is a fantastic Milwaukee jewelry designer! I had the pleasure of having a few sessions with her to capture her summer collection in my studio in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. She was so organized, inspiring, and overall just lovely to work with! Her past marketing and advertising experience in NYC guides all of her designs, and she’s got an incredible eye for style. Laura designs her pieces, and also works closely with the manufacturer who produces the pieces. I love that she had such a hand in the physical production of the pieces, in addition to the design.

This collection is called Paris meets the Southwest, so you can see patterns and textures that allude to that theme. It’s a kind of funky play with starkly different styles, yet she found a way to marry them perfectly. I loved seeing her work come to life in this product and brand session.

Location for Our Brand and Product Photography

We worked specifically at my studio for this brand and product session, in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. The lighting is great, and translates really well for her pieces. Laura wanted all the attention to be on the designs, so we kept the backgrounds super simple. Her designs are all so intricate, colorful, and bold that they thrive in an uncluttered background. We even were able to have Laura and her friend model the jewelry, and it was the perfect way to show off her pieces!

Laura it was a pleasure getting to work with you and document your artistic collection. I feel so much of your passion for the big city and high fashion in these designs. Your drive for your business is inspiring, and I can’t wait to see all the places that it takes you! Cheers to your ongoing success.

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