Reach Your Dream Career Level


Feb 3, 2020

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how to reach your dream career level for female entrepreneurs

Reach Your Dream Career Level

Do we ever stop chasing it and actually reach it? You know what I’m talking about, that ‘dream career level.’ Some women spend their entire life chasing it, and I think I’ve discovered part of how to get there.

We’ve probably all heard the phrase: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

The same could be said for your imagery — “Dress (or in this case ‘create images’) for the DREAM career you’re chasing, not only the job you have right now.” Why not have imagery that propels you towards your future, instead of only taking photos of your brand as it is now? You have so much potential, and by planning ahead, you can have an amazing and fun time getting brand photos taken. Taking a risk is scary (and you might be intimidated to take photos), but what could be lost if you don’t even try?

Keep your DREAMS in mind when planning your brand photos — how can these photos help propel you there?

Do you want to:

1. Travel for your work?

2. Do public speaking?

3. Offer a new service or product?

4. Build and engage a large audience?


If you’ve been dreaming of it, GO FOR IT!

1. Talk openly about your love for travel, and hire a photographer to get photos of you in a city or area you’d love to travel (or even find a local spot that has the feel/vibe that you want to pursue!)

2. Get some images of you in a public speaking setting, which can set you up to create a professional image that will propel you towards more public speaking!

3. Work with a photographer to get behind the scenes images of you crafting that new service, offering, or product, then you have amazing, professional images when you’re ready to launch (allowing you to charge a premium price)!

4. Get images of you, your true self, and your daily life to connect with your audience and engage them in a very REAL way — giving them a glance into your real life and your ‘personal brand!’

Wishing you an amazing start to your 2020, make this YOUR YEAR, friends.

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