8 Tips to Prep for Your Brand Photo Session


Feb 5, 2019

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When you’re prepping for your brand photography session, it can be overwhelming to think about all your props, outfits, and details beforehand! I wanted to create a great go-to list to make it easier.

I prep during a phone meeting with my clients, and we go over their Planning Document and inspiration board (this is all part of their experience working with me). We plan out their ‘Brand Stories’ ahead of time, deciding on what stories or marketing messages they want to convey through their images.

Even better? Clients who are Retainer or Monthly clients with me can space these out to several times per year instead of planning one HUGE, LONG overwhelming session. Some of you have seasonal products, services, or offerings, so you should consider doing something similar so that you can take photos multiple times per year.

Let’s dive in, shall we, ladies? These are my top tips to prepping for your session so that you can make the MOST of your valuable time!!

1. Decide what message(s) you want the photos to tell

What goals are you aiming to meet by having these professional photos taken? Any big projects on the horizon for you this year or within the next few months that you need images for? Any marketing campaigns, website updates, or other special projects in the works?

Be sure to get some images of your process, a behind the scenes look, to share more than just a pretty end result. Followers and buyers are usually interested in the process almost as much as they are the end result!

You work hard crafting your messaging for your idea audience, so why not do the same with your images? Spend some time giving this the appropriate amount of thought before your session, and you’ll love the resulting images so much more.

A good image tells a story, but an exceptional image tells a story and encourages a response (emotion or action).

2. Create an inspiration or vision board

Using Pinterest or another type of visual tool, create a board with inspiring colors, patterns, textures, or even subject matter that you’re attracted to. You can pin things outside of your area of expertise such as interiors, nature, art, or really anything that fits with your aesthetic. Share this with your photographer, and they can see your inspiration, too!

3. Include other people (or pets!)

If you’re a service-based business that works directly with clients sometimes, plan to have a client or two in your photos! It can be a great way to illustrate and visualize some of your ‘in-action’ or ‘behind the scenes’ process. Make sure the client or model understands the purpose of the photos so that they can also come dressed accordingly, and are okay with be part of your images.

Whether you’re service-based or not, it’s great to consider who else might make sense to include in your session. Do you have a significant other or pet (pets are family too!) who you want to share images of on social media? Do you work with a team or others that you’ll want to include?

Make sure you communicate with your photographer ahead of time about any ‘extra’ people or pets, so that you both know what to expect during your session.

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4. Schedule a hair and makeup appointment

Professional hair and makeup helps you feel confident, put-together, and allows you to focus on the session (instead of on flyaways)! This is always recommended, whether you have a long session or a short one, you want to feel your best.

5. Plan your outfit(s) and try on ahead of time

Always check with your photographer beforehand if they have any recommended outfits or colors to use (or steer clear of)! You can create a Pinterest or visual inspiration board beforehand while deciding what attire is best for your session, what goes well with your backgrounds/environment of the session, etc.

Personally, I encourage my clients to think about (1) their brand colors, and (2) their ideal client, and (3) the location when choosing outfits. Is your brand colorful and vibrant or more subdued and neutral? Is your brand youthful or more sophisticated?

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6. Make a list and gather any props the day before

Will you be including any props like your computer, tablet, notebooks and pens, fresh flowers, products you sell, items you make, etc.?

The last thing you want is to run out the door for your session, only to have forgotten several key things like a laptop or your favorite notebook.

7. Arrive on time!

This might go without saying, but I’ll say it — be prompt! You’re investing a lot of time and money into getting professional photography, so you don’t want to waste any of that time by being late. Since you’re prepped all your props, outfits, and planned in advance, you’re setting yourself up for success already, and you’ll be able to be on time.

8. Relax and trust

Once the session day has arrived, simply try to relax, listen for direction from your photographer, and trust them! At this point you’ve done all the prep work needed, so as long as you hire an experienced professional photographer, they’ll take it from here. They’ll tell you how to pose, where to look, and let you know what is photographing best. Hire someone you trust, and you’ll get the stellar results to prove it.


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