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May 23, 2018

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One topic I hear discussed almost daily in creative and entrepreneur circles is a big one — getting MORE clients!

What some brands + creatives might not realize is that before you simply create ads, pin to your hear’s content, and throw every type of content out there trying to get clients/sales, you need to have one main thing:


And I get it, you might not be a graphic designer or a brand strategist, and that’s okay.

BUT, you should still be able to assess your own brand and see what’s working and maybe what’s not working and can be easily tweaked to bring in your ideal clients.

That’s why I created this FREE Mini Brand Evaluation!

It covers 5 main areas of your brand, giving you action steps and fill-in-the-blank, step-by-step tips you can implement quickly to turn your brand around (ahem…get you more sales)!

Download it today (completely free), and you can get started. Your brand could likely use a refresh before summer!


Ready to elevate your brand + get more clients? Contact me!


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