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Apr 10, 2018

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Here’s a quick visual tour of my new Third Ward Milwaukee studio space! The cream brick, clean walls and light tones mixed with organic touches and mid-century decor fit my tastes perfectly. It has a Scandinavian vibe overall, plenty of plants to add some life, and warm touches that really make it feel like a Milwaukee space.

In designing the space, I wanted a comfortable setting for clients to meet me, as well as a space to use for brand photography sessions – and you can follow me on Instagram for more photos + a behind the scenes look. It’s been so fun designing a space where I love to work + it makes me feel inspired. You can find even more details and source links at the end of the post, if you’re interested.



My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-1 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-imac-2 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-3 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-4 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-4 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-7 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-imac-8 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-imac-headphones-9 My-Brand-Photographer-Milwuakee-WI-minimal-midcentury-west-elm-interior-imac-10

My vision for the space was brought to life thanks to my studio mates, local vendors, and shops. We spent several days painting and renovating the entire space to go from a dark, sad corporate-feeling office space to a bright and happy, open space with lots of natural light and greenery.

Chandelier + sofa: West Elm, Milwaukee // Chairs: Amazon // Desk items + storage: Hearth + Hand from Target // Pen holder: Form Fine Goods // Desk: IKEA // Rugs: RugsUSA // “Happily Ever After” sign: Target // Planter: West Elm, Milwaukee


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