The 5 Minute Fixes Your Brand Needs NOW


Mar 13, 2018

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Let’s get to the good stuff: Step #3 of the 5-Minute Fixes Your Brand Needs NOW

#3. Be sure that your Bio section talks about your CLIENT and their needs.

This is a step that’s very easy to overlook because…well, our “About” Bio section is supposed to talk about us right? WRONG.

First, you need to talk about them, and later you can talk about you. Show them that you understand where they’re at, what they’re thinking, and what their obstacles are.

THEN and only then should you talk about yourself, through the lens of your client and really only talk about what might be helpful and resonate with them. I’m not suggesting that you aren’t true to yourself and your values, but really filter your message down to points that are relevant to them and their situation. Touting your long resume or experience isn’t helpful to them if it doesn’t solve their problems and help them thrive.

When you do talk about yourself later on in that page, speak in the first person instead of the third person (I/we as opposed to your name over and over again). This is the easiest way to connect with people instead of making your business sound stilted or overly formal!

We all want to find community, to be heard and understood. We all want to fit in somewhere and gravitate towards people that we share commonalities with.

Use this principle to your advantage and share things about yourself that either attract or repel your audience, and what you’re left with are followers who truly GET you. They connect with you, trust you, and appreciate your consistency + your brand mission.

You know what those types of people turn into? Loyal followers, and yes, customers.

Here’s to finding you more customers with a stand-out “About” section! You can do this, friend.


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