Brand Session: Stacey of Maebel Jewelry


Aug 24, 2023

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Stacey is the owner and artist behind Maebel Jewelry. She’s such a creative woman, working with salvaged leather and other metal materials to make wearable works of art! Her earrings and necklaces are each a labor of love. It’s such an honor to do brand photos for jewelry artist like her, right here in the Milwaukee area!

Brand Photos for Jewelry Artist

She has such a unique process of hand-making all of her jewelry, and we wanted to honor that. We used textures for her brand photos that align with her aesthetic. Stacey carefully chose each texture and prop to fit her messaging and that handmade feel. She gravitates towards earthy and natural textures, so that’s what we used!

We used my studio as our location, since it had a nice plain, clean backdrop. Sometimes the best thing is to have a clean slate to work on and style. She brought so many great textured props and ideas that made the session go smoothly.

All in all though, we agreed that her pieces needed to shine in the photos! So we used a minimal amount of textures or props in each shot, so as not to take away from her jewelry. Her hand-made pieces each have such great texture and appeal, we kept it simple. Simple is best sometimes, and really made her work stand out.

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