Brand Session: Clareo Group, Professional Development for Higher Ed


Jul 13, 2023

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Carole and the Clareo Group are coaches providing professional development for higher ed faculty and educators. They offer a variety of support services for new (or burned out) educators, which is so needed today! Anyone in education knows the overwhelming workload and expectations can lead to burnout. So Carole and her team provide much-needed support for professional growth in the education space. She knew she needed brand photos for professional development and the new services she was offering soon.

Launching New Services

Her team has been pairing up with Shelby Design Co to create landing pages and outlining their new services. Carole reached out to me because she knew she would need brand photos for her website, marketing, and advertising. Brand photos for professional development services were a must to showcase her brand’s personality.

We got right to work planning the session and shot list, and finding the perfect location. We were fortunate enough to rent a private home for the session, with everything we needed!

Brand Photos for Professional Development Leaders

Before her session, we also talked about models and what they could add to her session. Having real-life clients in her photos were really important to show her services. So while it’s extra prep to arrange for models (which can be friends and colleagues!), it’s worth it. Carole and her team do live in-person coaching and offer a range of services, so it’s vital to show that. Just like showing her personality and infusing the photos with an edge of fun, it’s critical to SHOW what she does. Brand photos can be so powerful to SHOW your audience what you offer, and how you offer it.

Thankfully, Carole and her group understand the power of great brand photos. They all came prepared and ready to have fun and capture great photos! I had an amazing time working with their group, and even more important, Carole has been thrilled with the resulting photos.

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