Live Events are Back, are You Ready? Live Event Brand Photography is Back, Too


Jun 3, 2022

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It’s finally time… live events are starting to happen again! We’re talking conferences, speaking engagements, networking, and everything that we loved before covid. The type of events that connect us with other passionate humans in our own industry (and beyond). Personally, I’m excited to see them return. We might not be 100% ready yet, but as I always think, we need to start before we’re ready. Along with live events returning, I want to talk a little about live event brand photography!

Envision Your Next Event

Let’s set the stage. Close your eyes and envision YOU are the one hosting an event. You’ve got all of the months of planning and prep finished. You’re finally ready to start your event. The speakers, the food, the attendees, everything is ready.

But, what is another really important component, to ensure you capture the energy of the event, especially if you want to do something like this again in the future? Brand Photography! You’ll want and need marketing images afterwards to talk about the event with your audience. That’s where live event brand photography comes in. Get them excited for the next event you’re hosting, or do a recap of the current event. Show them the amazing experience. Make them feel the FOMO if they don’t come to your next event. Show them in images what it’s like to be there in the audience, and feel the energy of the room. Images help you to do that.

Brand Photography for Live Events

So whether you yourself are hosting an event, or if you’ve been booked to present or speak, don’t forget the photography. Brand photography can set you apart, document your experience in presenting (or hosting the event), and really set you apart in your industry.

Are you excited about live events and networking returning? Are you hosting an event or speaking at an event coming up soon? I’d love to hear from you! And I’d love to talk more with you about live event photography coverage, so you can easily and painlessly market that experience in the future.

live event conference for women brand photos
women sitting in chairs by the lake, live event conference for women
live event conference for women brand photos

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