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May 13, 2019

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My Brand Photographer, a personal brand photographer for creatives, artists, bloggers, florists, stylists, planners, coaches, designers, fempreneurs, and entrepreneurs. Brand attributes and personality for personal branding photography session. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. #creativepreneur #womeninbusiness #brandphotographer #brandphotography

Your brand has attributes, characteristics, and a personality, whether it’s a conscious decision or not.

Let’s dig in to find your brand attributes to find your ‘unique factor,’ or what sets you apart. These questions can help you start defining what sets you apart:

  • What do you offer? (service or product)
  • To Whom? (who is your exact client, anyways?)
  • When? (in their life stage, in a certain season, or at a certain point in their customer journey)
  • Where? (online via a product, in person via a service, online via a service, or other!)
  • How do you do it differently?

This is the very brief version, the entire process is for my clients only, but this is the general framework I use 😉

If your brand were an elevator pitch, it would sound like this:

“Hi, I’m (fill in your name). I offer (service or product) to (type of audience/clientele) (when/at what point in their own journey/when they’re struggling with (blank)). My service or product is available (where/location). (Lastly, this is how I do it differently.)”

I take a deep dive with all of my clients before a photography session, in order to define and highlight their ‘unique defining factor’ in their photos!

Also, when you’re considering your brand imagery and photography, it’s important to make sure you’re telling a consistent message and ‘speaking’ in an on-brand tone. For example, is your brand very professional and polished? Then your imagery should also be very professional and polished. More on the warm, welcoming, and approachable level? Then your imagery should match that feel as well. (We’ll talk more about brand ‘voice’ and ‘tone’ in the near future.)

How about you? What are the stand-out characteristics of your brand, and can you fill in the above exercise with your own business statement? How specific can you get?

The deeper into understanding exactly how, where, and when you serve your customers the better you can reach them — and ultimately help them live their best life via your products or services!

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