Create an Excellent Client Experience for Brand Photography


Apr 30, 2019

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My Brand Photographer, a personal brand photographer for creatives, artists, bloggers, florists, stylists, planners, coaches, designers, fempreneurs, and entrepreneurs. Create an excellent client experience for personal branding photography session. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. #creativepreneur #womeninbusiness #brandphotographer #brandphotography

Create an Excellent Client Experience for Brand Photography

How do you plan for a shoot/session? What type of work goes in before (and after) to get AMAZING photos?

This question comes up a lot in my initial meetings with ladies in business, it’s a great question. For me, it’s about creating an outstanding client experience by using a consistent process to get to know each client’s brand. Really diving in and getting to know them and understand their brand’s values.

Different photographers all have a different approach and process to getting the end result photos you see, so I want to quickly share what I DO with my clients so that they have an amazing, consistent experience!

1. Initial meeting – You tell me more about your business, what you’re doing right now, and what the next few months holds for your business and goals! We identify any tough spots and I brainstorm afterwards how we’ll be able to help you through a photography session or strategy session.

2. Proposal – I send over your proposal for a photography session or custom plan after our chat! You have full control to adjust to fit your needs and budget, but I provide guidance and recommendations for coverage/options to give you what you’re looking for. You digitally sign and pay, and then your session is officially booked!

3. Brand questionnaire – After booking, you get a Questionnaire to help dive deep and identify your values: (your WHY), strengths, areas you want to improve, marketing messaging, and what makes your brand unique, to help us plan your session around these goals + needs!

4. Vision board – We share a Pinterest board for inspiration: anything from colors, outfits, backdrops, props, it’s all fair game. You and I can both pin, so that we’re on the same page with the aesthetic vision for your photos.

5. Final meeting – We chat in person or on the phone to go over our shoot/session agenda, based on your Questionnaire and the stories and marketing messages you want from your photos. I can even recommend hair + makeup artists to make sure you feel fully ready and confident for shoot day!

6. Session day – We meet on the day of your session at whatever location we’ve chosen and get started! We keep it lighthearted, I walk you through all the photos, give expert guidance on posing and prop placement, and basically we have a blast capturing your brand personality.

7. Post-production – Afterwards, you receive your edited images in about 3-5 business days. MAGIC, right?! No waiting weeks or months for your edited photos, they’re ready to share the very week afterwards.


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