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Feb 18, 2019

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When is the last time you had a branding photography session? Maybe a long time ago, or maybe never, so let’s get you ready! This post contains all the important things to consider when you’re deciding what outfits to wear for your brand photo shoot.

1. Classics

First and foremost, I HIGHLY recommend choosing some timeless and classic pieces that you feel will stand the test of time. Putting away thoughts of trends, look back on the past few years — what has remained in business/casual wardrobes as a staple for years? Do you have any pieces that you’ve been wearing (that are still in good condition) for a long time?

Now, as a side note, stay on brand with your brand’s style and feel — meaning if your brand colors are youthful, bright, punchy colors, you can choose classic pieces, but coordinate them with your brand colors.

2. Brand Colors

As mentioned above, stick to your brand’s color palette when choosing outfits and accessories! You don’t have to dress completely in those colors, but keep with coordinating and complimentary colors to your brand palette.

For example, if you only have 2 brand colors (say light tan and muted navy), you can still add in other colors in a similar palette like white, ivory, light blue, etc. to keep in that earthy yet coastal palette. In this case though, you wouldn’t go choosing a neon pink top with clover green pants, it simply wouldn’t fit that palette.

3. Elevated yet Comfortable

Think about your typical business casual wardrobe strategically while planning. What would you wear to a networking event? What would you wear to a client or customer meeting, if you had one? And maybe most important, who is your ideal client and how do you want them to view you?

Keep these outfit ideas in mind when choosing at least one of your wardrobe options. Now, you don’t need to wear a formal gown if you typically work in yoga pants, but find a decent option that presents you in your best light. Again, think of your ideal client, and how you would want them to perceive you.

4. Environment/Backdrop

Dress according to your environment and what will be in the background of your images! If you’ll be on a white or very neutral background, then color and some pattern might be great so that you don’t blend into the background. However, if you’ll be photographing on a city street or somewhere with a ‘busy’ (lots of things going on, patterns, textures) background, maybe opt for solid colors instead of patterns.

Make sure to also dress appropriately for the season and temperature, if you’ll be outdoors. If there’s a chance it will be chilly (however you define chilly), be sure to bring clothing layers and different options. If it might be rainy or the ground is wet/muddy/treacherous, bring extra shoes and comfortable walking shoes. Additionally, always bring a jacket or coat, if in doubt!

5. When in Doubt, Ask Your Photographer!

As mentioned above, if you’re not sure, reach out to your photographer! You’ll likely share an inspiration or Pinterest board as part of planning the shoot, so keep those inspiration colors and outfits in mind. If you have a great location in mind, communicate with your photographer and they can help you decide what will photograph well!


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