Why You Really Procrastinate Marketing


May 11, 2023

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“Once I get just one more client/the next big sale/one big month (or insert X goal), I’m going to hire a photographer for a brand shoot.”

I’ve heard this MANY times in the past few years, and believe me I see you and I get it. Investing in yourself is tough because you might not see a return the same day or week or even month. You question if it’s worth it.

But can I ask you an honest question – have you ever pitched your service or product and expected an immediate sale? Sometimes you have to form a little bit of a relationship, or they need to see you (or see you on social) for a couple months first, right?

They get to know you, realize they like you and connect with you, then trust you (because you’re awesome, but it just takes some time for them to understand you).

Friends it’s the SAME with investing in yourself – you can’t expect to reap immediate rewards! You need to invest in yourself, show up for your audience consistently (wherever they are, online or not), and help them get to know you!

So the truth is that we really procrastinate creating new marketing content (photos and video) because we might not see immediate results and immediate ROI.

But in order to do that, does it make sense that you need to have actual imagery to show up consistently and authentically? Yes!! Does it have to be professional at first? No (but it depends on how high-end your product or service is though, more on that another time).

The point is to start somewhere! Start showing up, showing yourself (aka your face), and building that trust.

Don’t wait for your next ‘big thing,’ you need to show up now – and invest in yourself now – to GET TO that next big thing and next level. Showing up needs to come FIRST before they can know-like-trust you. Just keeping it real, friends!

Contact me if you want to make it easy to get months or a year’s worth of photos, all at once, and start showing up in a matter of days (my editing turnaround time is 3-6 business days). We can tackle creating your marketing content TOGETHER!

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