What to Expect When You Hire Us


Apr 13, 2023

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What to expect when working with us for brand photography and video at My Brand Photographer

What to Expect When You Hire Us

Creating your brand photography and video might be painful to think about, you likely don’t want to get in front of the camera. I get it! And some people have had bad/negative experiences in the past when trying to do brand photos.

Here, we do things differently. You can expect a completely different approach and experience.

So here’s what to expect when you hire us + WE work together (you and me):

  1. Guidance: We plan your session together (via our Planning Call) and via email support. Then during the session I guide you and give you posing tips, wardrobe suggestions if needed, and we carefully plan and incorporate your props. Basically, it’s my job (and pleasure) to walk you through the entire process so you’re never left alone to plan your whole session.
  2. Respect: You’re a hard-working and busy professional, and I respect your time! We thoroughly plan your session together so that we make the absolute most of our time together. You’ll have my full attention, and we get to work.
  3. Fun: Whether it’s playing some music during our session, having a laugh together, popping champagne, pausing and breathing a breath of the fresh outdoor air mid-session, or doing a couple hair flips, we’re going to have some fun during the session. We move around, shake it up, and avoid at all costs the ‘stiff and formal’ poses that I know you hate.
  4. Fast Turnaround: Our turnaround/editing time after a session is 3-6 business days. YES, you read that right! I know you’re busy, so our team immediately edits and turns around your photos so you can get started using them pronto.
  5. Great Images + Video Shorts: I take the time to listen and really get to know your brand, so that we can both feel inspired and creative on session day. You’ll get custom images and video shorts (short-form video clips) that you feel confident using for your marketing to connect with customers and close sales. You’ll be able to start using the photos and videos right away to up level your brand and have a consistent look and feel!

Does this sound good to you? Contact me today for more details and to schedule your brand session for 2023.

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