Choosing Props for Brand Photos


Mar 23, 2023

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Choosing Props for Brand Photos

We all love props! But you might feel stuck when you’re choosing props for your brand photos. It can be overwhelming to not only plan your wardrobe, a shot list, poses, and then also props. Any great brand or commercial photographer will help with those decisions. A full-service brand or commercial photographer who focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to clients (i.e. they charge more and have a higher value), usually helps clients through the entire planning process.

So if you wonder how many or what type of props you need for a brand photo session, ask your photographer! They’re there to help, and typically they view it as part of their premium service.

How to Choose Great Props for Brand Photos

Here’s my advice when it comes :

1. Show your process and tools: Do you work with clients virtually or in person? If virtually, a laptop, tablet, or phone is a great prop. If you work with clients in person or you’re a maker, make sure to have whatever products/items you make, tools you use to do your job, or people you work with. Let your audience in on your behind the scenes, how you do what you do. It may come as second nature to you, but your clients want to see and understand your process, so let them in.

2. Share a day in your life: Include some of those items you can’t live without, and your brand photos will have a larger range of variety and help tell your story! People LOVE seeing a day in the life, even if you feel it’s mundane. It’s content! And it’s interesting to people who might not know you very well (or even those that do). It gives them something to relate to.

You can include your morning routine if you have one. Walks with your dog, hydration or snacks, what’s on your desk, things you can’t live without. Your daily coffee stop, your local lunch spot, your journaling or exercise or wellness practice. Whatever energizes and grounds you in your daily life.

3. Let your personality shine: Let who YOU are shine through in your photos – what’s your favorite drink, hobby, free-time activity, or your pet you can include in photos? People crave connection and want to see similarity in others, so give them something to relate to. Props for brand photos can help catch their attention and draw them into your story.

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