Why is Brand Photography a “MUST” for Your Business?


Jan 12, 2021

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Why is Brand Photography a "MUST" for Your Business?

Why is Brand Photography a “MUST” for Your Business?

If you’re new here and don’t know what brand photography is, here’s a quick summary. Photography showcasing a brand or business values, process, behind the scenes, and team members/personality! It’s the how, what, and why about your brand, all displayed in your imagery to quickly communicate what sets you apart from the crowd! Brand photography is KEY for modern marketing, a way to create warm audiences, and build the know-like-trust factor.

Experts have concluded that seeing a brand in multiple photographs, new ways, new settings, different outfits, visual variety, etc. makes our human brains THINK we know the brand or the person we see in photos over and over again. Ever had the feeling when talking to someone for the first time, “I already know them really well, but why?” It’s because they have a strong online presence, and show up consistently in your sphere or on your virtual “radar!” You’ve seen them in a variety of settings, in a variety of clothing, etc. so you feel as if you’ve seen them many times. Pretty crazy, right?

Are You a Forward-Thinking Business?

Let’s get to the good part – why is brand photography helpful to your forward-thinking business then? Because it builds your credibility, allows you to charge high-ticket prices for your services (or products). Because you have a very warm audience who feels as if they already know you!

The more you show up (i.e. the more photos you show of yourself online), the more value and awesome content you share with them. And the more they TRUST you. Not because you come across as perfect, but because you’ve SHOWN UP for them. You’ve given them some advice, you’ve provided helpful information that has shifted their life in some way. They’re on board for whatever you’re doing, and waiting with baited breath to see what you have to offer next. Pretty amazing!

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