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Dec 20, 2020

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Milwaukee Brand Photographer

Hannah is an amazing local business coach who specializes in helping new and aspiring coaches and consultants start and scale their online businesses. We connected almost instantly when she sent me a message and we had a discovery call. She had never done a professional brand photography session before, and she was nervous and not sure what to expect! We talked about how her business began, where she was at currently, and where she sees herself. Hannah couldn’t have been easier to talk to! She was looking for a Milwaukee brand photographer, and that’s how we got connected.

Planning for a Brand Photoshoot

We planned her session to be in my studio, since it’s almost winter here in the Midwest, and the weather can be freezing this time of year. It ended up working out perfectly as a session to get her started with a small image library, and the ability to refresh her website! She’s also very active on social media, so we got her some great images to continue showing up (now quickly and easily) online. We even decided the time of day and lighting that she wanted for her photos, and planned accordingly.

Hannah has such a great energy, and she came prepared for a successful session! In her planning meeting ahead of time, we discussed outfits, hair/makeup, and props, so she came prepared. It’s always a good decision to talk to your brand photographer beforehand to plan and think through your session. She even had a prop packing list to work from after our phone planning meeting. Knowing she needed polished, professional images for her website, we gave her exactly that. Hannah was just a joy to work with, and you can check out a small selection of her session images below. She was in love with the results, and you can read her review linked right here: Review: Hannah Shtein.

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