How to Find the Best Location for Brand Photos


Dec 9, 2019

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How to Find the Best Location for Your Brand Photos

Location, location. I love when my clients (or both of us together) come up with a unique spot for a session, fitting for her brand!

Whether your brand’s personality is fun and playful, or more on the serious side, the location can help reinforce that message. Plus it’ll feel more like your brand is ‘at home’ in a great location.

So let’s dive into the tips on finding the best location for your brand photos! These are the top 3 things you need to consider:

  1. Your brand’s tone/voice: Is your brand very casual, or more on the formal side? Playful or serious? Choosing a location that really fits the tone of voice of your brand (and you as the ‘face’ of your brand), is super important to keep things consistent. If you have a more casual tone, think of a location like your favorite spot for a walk or exercise, or your favorite spot for a cocktail, coffee, or to spend time with friends. If your brand’s tone is more formal, maybe choose your home office, a co-working space, or a space that inspires you.
  2. Where you do your best work: Do you meet clients in person or spend a lot of your workday outside of a traditional “office?” Thinking about a space or type of space you typically meet clients or do some of your best work, and consider that as a possible location. Do you have a co-working space or coffee shop where you meet? This could be a great opportunity to get photos of you in action in one of your usual spots!
  3. Your personal interests: When it comes to brand photos, it’s great to get some in a ‘work’ type of  setting, but I always encourage my clients to think beyond that about the personal interests and passions they have! A ‘fun/personal’ setting. Do you love to run, do yoga, grab cocktails at a rooftop bar, listen to live music, go out to eat, spend time crafting with friends? The sky is the limit, and this is an amazing way to set your brand apart, with your personal interests (and photos to show your audience what that looks like).

In case you didn’t realize it, YOU are what sets your brand apart from so many others. The more you infuse your personality and preferences into your photos, the more memorable you are to your audience (and the more genuine you feel while do it because it’s exactly who you truly are).

Think about all of these factors when you’re deciding on a brand photo session location, and you can’t go wrong! (Oh, and please get permission if it’s a privately owned location, I’m not condoning trespassing or avoiding getting permission to take photos in an off-limits location. When in doubt, ask!)

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