An Image Library, and Why You Need One


Oct 28, 2019

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image library and why you need one, brand photography for creatives, coaches, fempreneurs, and entrepreneurs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. #creativepreneur #womeninbusiness #brandphotographer #brandphotography

An Image Library, and Why You Need One

Have you heard of the concept of an “image library” for your brand? Let’s chat real quick about what that is! It’s a whole collection of photos – headshots, behind the scenes, stock/details – all coordinating your brand colors, at the ready whenever you need it. Consistent images that you can use across all platforms whether it’s for your website, social, email marketing, or anything else you can imagine. It’s like a catalog tailor-made for your brand.

Before my brand photo sessions, I have the conversation with my clients about their dream image library for all their upcoming promotions/events/needs. Not just what they want right now, but what they’ll want in the near future! Yes, the services or products you offer right now, but also what do your long-term, dream plans look like for your business? Do you want to write a book, speak at an event, launch a course, or add new services?

How would you feel if you had a large image library (a custom one tailored to you and your brand) to choose from? For your social media, email marketing, and your website, ready to pull from any time you need imagery?

How would you feel if you never had to search for and purchase stock images – instead you have custom (not seen anywhere else) photos that fit your brand colors and feel?

I bet you’d feel pretty amazing, confident, and feel like you’ve got it all together! If you want to feel like that too, reach out, and we can talk more about what that session could look like for you.



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