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Creating a Shot List for Your Brand Photos Coming prepared to your brand photoshoot is absolutely necessary! You want a successful shoot, and I want that, too, as a brand photographer. Let’s talk about what it takes to make a successful shoot. I’m going to share some a shot list of some PERFECT shots to […]

Aug 4, 2022


woman coach walking outdoors in southwest desert

Branding Photos for Profitability Coach Amber is the owner of Profit for Keeps, and is based in New Mexico, so she flew me out for her brand photo session. It was an honor doing branding photos for a profitability coach like Amber. She leads both men and women alike, and she’s a force in her […]

Jul 21, 2022


brand and website designer headshot on dark house background front porch

It was a huge pleasure to get to have a brand session with a brand and website designer like Shelby, we had a blast doing her photos. The photos below are from my brand photo session with Shelby, owner and lead designer of Shelby Design Co. She’s based right in Milwaukee near me, and we […]

Jul 7, 2022


real estate agent brand photoshoot in milwaukee wisconsin

Procrastinating Brand Photos Busting the Myth: I’ll do it later, once I (fill in the blank) “Once I get just one more client/the next big sale/one big month, I’m going to hire a photographer for a brand shoot.” It’s SO easy to keep procrastinating brand photos for your business. I’ve heard this MANY times in […]

Jun 23, 2022


live event conference for women brand photos

It’s finally time… live events are starting to happen again! We’re talking conferences, speaking engagements, networking, and everything that we loved before covid. The type of events that connect us with other passionate humans in our own industry (and beyond). Personally, I’m excited to see them return. We might not be 100% ready yet, but […]

Jun 3, 2022


woman working at laptop with coffee and sticky notes

Brand Photo Session for a Marketing Coach Chelsea has a very personal lifestyle brand, and she combines it with her Membership that she runs as a Marketing Coach for Real Estate Agents. She has a background in real estate, she used to be a realtor herself. So this brand photo session for her as a […]

May 26, 2022


woman videographer holding camera

Headshots versus Brand Session “What’s the difference between headshots and a brand session?” Aka, headshots versus brand session, which is better or which do I need for my brand? Great question! Let me tell you what MY answer is, and what I offer in my brand photo sessions. Headshots will be part of any brand […]

May 12, 2022


turquoise bracelets next to macaron cookies

Laura Foote Designs, Milwaukee Jewelry Designer Brand Session Laura of Laura Foote Designs is a fantastic Milwaukee jewelry designer! I had the pleasure of having a few sessions with her to capture her summer collection in my studio in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. She was so organized, inspiring, and overall just lovely to work with! Her […]

Apr 21, 2022


woman in kitchen with vase of flowers

Your brand needs to leave an impression. Do you remember the last time you stayed at a hotel or Airbnb? (Yes, I know, it probably feels like years ago even if it wasn’t.) Can you recall how you felt right when you walked in? Let’s assume it was a place you enjoyed, how did you […]

Apr 7, 2022


woman brushing her black and white shepherd dog

Brand Photo Session for a Health and Lifestyle Brand Amanda has a very personal lifestyle brand, and she combines it with her sales role in her brand Work with Water. She’s a huge believer in natural, environmentally-friendly living, so we knew we wanted to capture both sides of her brand. Her home and her family […]

Mar 24, 2022


the list

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